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    The Commercial and Business Development Division of Control Sazan Company achieves company's goals as per the mission entitled bellow:

    · Centralizing all commercial activities of company so that the contact between the clients and customers would occur within a specified framework and through a single channel
    · Raising company's customers and beneficiaries satisfaction through shortening the contact channel

    The Commercial and Business Development Division offers its services to the customers and clients through the following activities:

    · International and domestic marketing and business development

    · Proposal and contract management

    · Monitoring of Customers and clients satisfaction

    · Procurement Services

    Procurement Department of Control Sazan Company provides goods and equipment needed for current company's projects, and also provide totally integrated Procurement Management services to the customers; or furnishes individually any of the following Procurement Services:

    - Planning project purchase orders

    - Evaluating vendors/ manufacturers capability

    - Preparing and controlling MTO lists

    - Analyzing Bids Technically and Commercially (TBA & CBA Preparation)

    - Preparing Purchase Orders

    - Expediting Purchase Orders

    - Managing inspection affairs

    - Managing insurance, transportation, custom affairs and custom clearance

    · Sales Services

    Relying on more than 20 years of experiences in awarded contracts from customers and clients and cooperation with international and domestic companies, using available facilities in Middle East countries, and also having sufficient information regarding international and domestic markets, Sales services department of Control Sazan Company, is able to provide all goods and equipment related to Electrical, Instrumentation, Control Systems.


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