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    Industrial Automation

    The Division of Design, Manufacturing and Industrial Automation is responsible for all the specialized activities in the field of electronicand instrumentation control systems.
    The sub- divisions are as follow:


    Industrial Automation Department
    Industrial automation department of Control Sazan Company, with the support of qualified and experienced technical experts, and utilizing the latest technical know –how will provide suitable and standard equipment in the field of electrical, control and instrumentation for industries. Also, this department will provide a comprehensive and special approach in the framework of EPC projects for process control and monitoring systems, factories production lines, and industrial complexes. These approaches will include the following services:
    Provision of consulting services to select the most suitable and advanced methods and equipment for industrial automation projects.
    Provision of control system engineering services based on related standards and using the most advanced software. EQUIPMENT PROCUREMENT
    Provision of PLC, SCADA, ESD, DCS& FCS control systems from reliable and well-known vendors. CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION
    Provision of construction and installation services for above mentioned control systems. PRECOMMISSIONING AND COMMISSIONING
    Provision of precommissioning and commissioning services for different types of industrial control systems. SPECIALIZED TRAINING
    Provision of specialized control system training services at Control Sazan training center or customer locations.

    Design and Manufacturing Department
    The following services will be carried out in this section:
    • Design and manufacturing services for vast range of analogue and digital electronic boards by applying reverse engineering method
    • Manufacturing of Calibration Benches(3 Basic models of Pneumatic, Electronic and Electro- Pneumatic )
    • Manufacturing of Calibration Benches based on Customer requirements and Orders
    • Manufacturing of multi- temperature indicators
    • Manufacturing of P/I (Pneumatic to current) converters
    • Manufacturing of flow indicator totalizers
    • Manufacturing of tailor made electronic boards
    • Manufacturing of different types of control, interlock and marshaling panels and cubicles Electronic services Department
    Provider of special repair services for different electronic equipment used in industries as follow:
    • Power supplies and battery chargers
    • Temperature , pressure and universal calibrators
    • Control unit of generators and welding machines
    • Control systems printed circuit boards (PLC/DCS. . .)
    • Analyzers
    • Air conditioning and control systems
    • Portable measuring equipment

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